Garbage on top, party at the bottom

A cliché is something we hide behind. It’s just the way the cookie crumbles.

A cliché is like a sanctuary. When you use a cliche in your writing, we can’t judge you. We can only judge the cliche.

In a platform that anyone can use, cliches rise to the surface.

As a creator, your job is to find your niche. Your audience. Your true fans.

Where are they hiding? What stories are they looking for? Are they waiting at the top of the pile, or are they waiting at the bottom of the sea?

Perhaps your goal isn’t the front page. Perhaps your goal is to be the needle in the haystack, the diamond in the rough, the bottom of the barrel.

The content at the top of the pile is what everyone else is looking at. But you don’t want to see what everyone else is looking at, right?. And neither does your audience, right?


It’s content like this that makes us feel that we’re not enough. We’re not creative enough. So we need to read 8 more books. We’re not making enough money. So we need to make exactly 5000 people to pay us $17 a month. And we take 4 minutes to soon to identify a smart person. And even though you’re doing your best, someone is going to find a way to nitpick your new diet.

I know you’re better than that. I know that you have more to give than listicles and How To Guides.

And so you make something more. Something real. But then nobody responds, and nobody seems to care. But that doesn’t bother you because you’re the kind of artist who’s never satisfied, even if what you make garners a lot of attention. “Yeah, that was good, but wait until you see what I make next.”

Let’s say your content makes it to the top of the pile. Then it must be pretty good, right?

It depends on the quality of everything else at the top of the pile.

If you’re not satisfied, dive a little deeper.

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