We’re never in our own way. When we’re worried, our audience can tell we’re worried. We’re still writing. We’re still recording our thoughts. Our thoughts about how we’re uncertain about this. Sure, we can freeze up in front of the blank page. But when we freeze up, we’re still moving. We haven’t reached sub-zero temperatures. At least, not yet. We’re only moving into the path of worrying.

Unsure. Worried. Overwhelmed. Overexcited. These are paths. Worrying a lot takes you down the path of worrying a lot more. But we don’t like to worry. And that’s why, when we worry, we wish we were on a different path. “Anywhere but here. Just take me anywhere but here.”

Instead of wishing for someone to take you anywhere but here, let yourself worry.

When we stop wishing for this to be different, we find new paths. We can work with the resources we have. We can reach out to those who can help us. Yes, it sucks that things are this way. But ruminating about it being this way is a dead end. And when you start to ruminate about it being this way, that’s when you drop to sub-zero temperatures.

The best advice is to know that there is no advice that works in every situation.

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