And what happens underneath the iceberg, that’s where the magic happens.

For every thousand followers, there’s likely only 10 that you reach out to on a regular basis. And of course, that rule has an endpoint. Because reaching out to a hundred people, or a thousand people, as if they’re close friends, is impossible. Nobody has a hundred close friends, let alone a thousand.

So how do we engage with the people who care about our work, especially when the numbers go up?

By making content that’s worth their time and attention. They could read any other blog. And yet they chose yours. They could listen to any other podcast. And yet they chose yours.

You’re not winning friends or influencing people. You don’t win over your sister. Your sister is your sister. She’s related by blood. Yes, you’re not related to your audience by blood. But you’re related to your audience through a shared commitment.

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