Someone asked me how I make my trailers for my podcast. “Aha!” I thought, “there’s an opportunity for me to provide people with some value!”

But my next thought was, no.


Not in a million years.

Not because I’m hiding tricks of the trade.

But because nobody should try to teach any techniques that come from intuition.

And this is where I need to be careful. When we talk of “intuition,” it sounds as if we have exclusive access to unlimited creative power.

We don’t.

Intuition is the art of getting out of one’s own way. Which is something we can and should teach.

But what should you do once you’ve gotten out of your way? We can’t teach that. We can’t tell you what and what not to do with your intuition. It’s your intuition. Not ours. Once we start trying to teach that, we’re no longer teaching. We’re enforcing.

Even if I added bullet points, screenshots, and a call to action, nobody would gain the value they thought they’d gain. All I would be teaching are some basic Sony Movie Studio techniques.

What this person probably wanted to know is how I choreograph the music with the clips.

Sorry, but I can’t teach you that. I have no clue why I think certain songs match the mood of the episode.

Though I do know in advance the feeling I want to convey in the trailer. But explaining this would be like trying to explain what happened before the big bang.

I can’t teach you how to make things you want to see in the world.

All I can teach you is why you should, and who you should do it for.

You should only make art if it’s art you’d hang on your wall.

Not my wall. Not their wall. Your wall.

Your art. Your intuition.

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