We should write because we’re alive.

A life lived well reflects writing done well.

Life is made up of moments when nothing seems to be happening. Those are the moments we should write about. We should write about how this coffee we’re drinking brings us back to the vacation we took six years ago. Or how staring at a tree reminded us to call grandma.

Friedrich Nietzsche wrote that the most important aspect of writing is life ”…A style should live.”

Even the stereotypical depressed and nihilistic philosopher can bring life to their writing. If you’re interested in your mopey nihilism, your writing will reflect that. If you’re not, it’ll be obvious to all your readers that you’re only pretending to be a nihilist. (In reality, you’re as optimistic as the weather forecaster about events nobody can predict).

We are all writers.

But not everyone picks up the pen.

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