Actually, it’s now and tomorrow and whatever ruckus is happening in the news.

It’s Monday. Many of us are getting excited about the week ahead. It’s the moment when we pick up where we left off on Friday.

But for others, we start our day thinking about Wednesday.

Today is going to have its challenges. And Wednesday? Wednesday will be as tough as today was. But depending on what you do today, Wednesday won’t be so hard. Let Wednesday happen when it’s Wednesday.

When we talk about the future, we use a hesitant ‘might.’ Because we know that we can’t actually predict what’s going to happen tomorrow. And yet, we weasel our way into doing so. “Might” is the best predictor we have, hence how confident we are when we use the word to talk about tomorrow.

Leaves don’t plan to fall off of a tree at any specific moment. They fall when the day comes.

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