When do we want it?


And who has it?


We’ve always had permission. But we tend to misplace it under a pile of self-doubt and insecurity.

I’ll use this post as an example of my insecurity. I’m writing about permission instead of giving myself permission to write about subjects that interest me. Subjects like psychology and philosophy. I’m still waiting in line for someone to give me the okay. But nobody is going to give me the okay. I have to give myself the okay. Got it? Okay. Let’s move on.

When you combine story with subjects you’re interested in, you’re leading with the permission you’ve given to yourself. You’re showing people that it’s okay if you’re not an expert yet. You’re showing people that they don’t need to wait in line for permission.

If you don’t want to wait in line for permission, then step out of line.

My buddy Alex Hugh Sam stepped out of line. Alex thought, “hey there’s no newsletters about self-improvement and anime, why not start one myself?” And so he started writing The Kaizen Newsletter. Give me eight seconds and I’ll round up dozens of self-improvement articles. But where can I get self-improvement articles with lessons from anime? Nowhere but Alex’s newsletter.

So the question is, who’s googling “self-improvement and anime”?

Word of mouth doesn’t work until you start talking about the things you want to talk about. But since Alex is writing about self-improvement and anime, now we have a new search term.

Here’s one way to get permission. I don’t recommend it.

Sign here, here, and here. Oh and here. Okay. Now you have permission to talk about this.

Nobody needs permission to play Frisbee golf. But once we sit down to write about Frisbee golf, we freeze up. Where do I sign my name to write about Frisbee golf? Nowhere. But perhaps it’ll help to take out a journal and write down, “I’m allowed to write about Frisbee golf.”

We all want permission to express ourselves. We align with brands, writers, and artists who do it for us. I call that second hand expression. Second hand expression is like tracing over a picture.

First hand expression happens when we ask ourselves…

What if we expressed ourselves for ourselves?

What if instead of using someone else as our mouthpiece, we used our voice, not someone else’s?

What if we started with where we are and what we have?

What would happen if we took on more accountability?

First hand expression is like drawing an original.

Only Picasso could paint a Picasso.

Only you can write what you will write about.

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