Turning on the lights

You weren’t going to keep it all to yourself, were you?

Please don’t keep yourself all to yourself. You discover more about yourself when you interact with other people. And you discover more about yourself when you shine light on all the wonderful stuff about you that you’ve been hoarding.

So please don’t hoard yourself. There are a lot of people who need what you have. And if you think otherwise, well, you just haven’t met them yet. How are you supposed to meet them? Start by recognizing that there’s good in you. And then recognize that there’s good in other people. Go out and meet them halfway.

You turn the lights on so you can see what you’re doing. You do this because you need to know what you’re up to. You don’t need to know exactly where you’re going (because that’s boring), but it helps to at least know that you’re going somewhere.

It might look as if the monk sitting in quiet meditation for 6 hours a day isn’t doing anything. But they are. The monk is going somewhere psychological in nature. The basis of meditation is to move into yourself. Just because you can’t see the monk moving doesn’t mean that they aren’t going somewhere.

People who seem mystical, wise, like they’ve got it all figured out, people who seem different — they appear that way because they’ve traveled into themselves.

Even if you’re headed somewhere nasty, at least you know that that’s where you’re going. Conscious mistakes are more helpful than unconscious mistakes.

How can you learn from a mistake if it’s unconscious?

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