Today this, tomorrow that

Pardon me for this sweeping generalization.

Almost every creator is a polymath. So far I’ve only had guests on my show that confirm my belief in creativity as a superpower. Tiny sample size. Confirmation bias. Vague operational definitions. Horrible science, I know.

I can’t promise to deliver the same goods everyday. And neither can Tim Ferriss.

So what are we promising? What can our audience expect out of us, with at least some degree of certainty?

Pregnant women go through mood swings. Creators go through interest swings. Today we’re interested in this, and tomorrow we’re interested in that.

Let’s be clear about this before we go any further.

Today: this.

Tomorrow: that.

I’d change if I could. I’d write about Nietzsche if that’s really all I cared about. But as much as I’m captivated by Nietzsche and his big goofy mustache, I don’t care about him as much as I care about helping you get unstuck.

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