I’m not convinced that blogging is the same thing as writing. Blogging’s easy. All you do is slap a bunch of pictures and SEO words up on a site and call it a day. Check back every once in awhile to see if you’ve earned a buck or two.

But writing, man. Writing is killer.

Writing is the most difficult thing that I do everyday. I don’t ever find myself needing to warm up before recording a podcast. But I write into a journal before I write these posts. I rarely feel good enough to open WordPress before I vomit out the mental junk I’ve collected in the last 24 hours.

Writing is like giving your soul eye contact. It’s tough for me to give people eye contact sometimes. It’s as if they’re the blank page, and by giving them eye contact I’m giving them access to my thoughts.

Paulo Coelho said that, “the eyes are the mirrors of the soul.”

Pair that with Carl Jung’s famous, “That which we need the most will be found where we least want to look.”

When we tell our stories in naked truth, it’s like we’re receiving eye contact at scale.

No wonder we’d rather hide.

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