For what reasons are we pacing, sprinting, stressing over the outcomes of this and that?

Are we working for more work? Are we putting ourselves in a frenzy, amplifying our heartrate with caffeine and spreadsheets, just to convince the group of elite busy people that we’re qualified to join their ranks?

There will always be work to do. Work is permanent.

But people! People are temporary. Hugs and kisses and great sex and friendly little notes left around the house and laughter with friends over a cup of coffee. Make no mistake about it: those are the moments that matter more than shipping your next project.

You can always reschedule a meeting. You can say you’re sorry if you turn in something late.

But a hug! You can’t reschedule a hug.

So ask yourself: why am I working so hard?

The real makeup of life and humanity is soft and fleeting. To let stillness and love into your life is to let your soul rest its tired little head upon a pillow.

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