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We are always telling ourselves a story. No matter how hard you try, you can’t escape story. It doesn’t matter how scientifically oriented you are, or how many Nassim Taleb books you’ve read. Story is everything.

Story is what moves us. Story is what gets us from point A to point B. When we define our goal, we tell ourselves, “I’m going to move from here to there.” You might think that that’s too small to constitute a story. But that’s exactly what a story is: a traveling from point A to point B.

Today I’m joined by Trace Brady – a natural storyteller. And not only is he phenomenal at telling stories, he’s also mastered the subtle art of showing us the details that matter. I found myself laughing my ass off at some of the stories both big and small that he shared with me in this episode. I had an absolute blast recording this. Trace puts on a real show.

You can reach out to Trace Brady on Twitter at @thetracebrady. And if you fancy yourself a community of fellow storytellers, head on over to The Story Community Learning Center.

You might feel hesitant after seeing the length of this episode. But this is why I do long-form conversations. I give my guests as much time as they need to unravel all of their strange, idiosyncratic thoughts and methods behind their madness. I couldn’t have had such a wonderful episode with Trace if I constrained myself to even an hour of airtime. The 2 hour length was necessary to letting Trace say everything he needed to say.

So, please enjoy! I hope you enjoy listening to this conversation as much as I had recording it. Cheers, and take care.

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