(Skip this post if your name is Shane Parish or Tim Ferriss.)

Here’s 3 tips to make you a better podcaster.

I’m not about to say anything that no one’s ever said before. But I’m amazed at how often my guests tell me that other interviewers neglect these simple steps.

  1. You’re having a conversation

Not a transaction. You’re not here to exchange insight for likes and followers. You’re here to learn something. You’re forming a relationship with your guest. Even if you don’t agree with everything your guest says.

Instead of recording and running away like a hobbit with a pot of gold, make something remarkable out of your podcast. Show your guest that you really, genuinely care about them and their work.

2. Do your homework

No, really, please — do your homework. I’m amazed at how many guests have told me that interviewers failed to do their homework before the interview. And homework doesn’t need to be the same as listening to every podcast they’ve appeared on.

You don’t need all the information about them. What keeps a podcast exciting is knowing only as much about your guest as you need to know.

3. Ask different questions

Don’t be afraid to ask questions that aren’t going to lead to some sort of key insight into the secrets of the universe. Try something off the cuff and spontaneous. I like to ask my guests how they take their coffee, or what life was like in South Africa.

Oh, and one more thing.

Never let anyone tell you that there’s too many podcasts.

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