Are you afraid of self-promotion?

Perhaps it’s because you know it’s not good enough yet. You want to share it, but judgment is still a worse outcome to you than keeping your work hidden. This usually means that you’re too attached to the outcome.

By all means, don’t spread something that’s half-baked. Your work is always a treat, but please don’t serve us a plate of cookie dough. Respect your audience and bake your treats all the way through.

Your best work always comes from a magical place, a place that’s “out there.” The work that comes from “out there” is the work you need to spread.

If it’s good enough, they’ll find it.

If it’s good enough, they’ll talk about it behind your back.

When you force your work to be “this” or “that” way, you become like the overprotective parent. Soon you and your work will look like this:

Self-promotion gets easier once you’re no longer attached to your work by an umbilical cord.

The best way around a fear of self-promotion is to perform the sleight of hand magic trick of making something worth spreading.

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