Last Monday, I had the chance to talk to my favorite YouTuber (reveal coming this weekend).

“You do all of it yourself?” I asked.

He nodded.

Graphics, writing, voice-over, calling ahead, and most important, the editing. He does it all.

I stumbled over my next question, even though I only wanted to ask, “how?”

For some creators, their work is the most important part. They wouldn’t dare outsource this work, because without it, they’d miss out on a deep sense of self-expression.

The work becomes either something you avoid or something you look forward to. Your audience becomes something you either sell off to investors, or it becomes a family of fans who keep you company when you’re feeling stressed.

Some people get a lot of joy out of starting a business, building assets, and selling their creations. Others would rather work on the business than sell it. Their name becomes so intrinsic to the work that when someone replaces them, fans jump off the train.

Why ride a train with no engineer?

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