The ambitious snag, grasp, and capture opportunities like a Pokémon trainer hunting a shiny Charizard. This could be their last moment. This could be their final chance to make an impact in the world. Gotta catch em all, right?

But all this snatching and hunting leaves the ambitious heart exhausted and fearful. As successful as they appear, a phobia of irrelevancy is always loitering in the parking lot of their todo list.

Christopher Ryan in his conversation with Monk Yun Rou speaks of a universal metaphor. It’s a metaphor that symbolizes the antidote to the fear of running out of stuff to do. If you try to grab a frog out of a pond (and you happen to be high on LSD), you might end up hurting it. Instead, open up your hands and let the frog see no danger.

In plainer words: do you have an open-door policy that encourages lasting relationships and meaningful work?

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