Attention is not only scarce, it’s malleable.

What we see is informed by our belief systems. What are belief systems made out of? Information. The information we feed our brains everyday shapes our habits, beliefs, and decisions. But if we don’t understand from where and from whom we’re getting the information that informs our everyday choices, then we end up with habits, beliefs, and decisions molded out of playdough. Worse, we don’t even get to pick what color of playdough to use.

You bear a great responsibility if you’re creating anything that feeds off attention. The responsibility of choosing to either make something that improves your audience’s lives for the better, or replaces their bedrock of values with quicksand.

The Social Dilemma is a terrible* movie, and so I highly recommend you watch it. All the better if you’ve been skimming these words because they’re not as interesting as what’s happening on Facebook.

*I have a definition of terrible which I’ve yet to share on the blog. In short: terrible means challenging, well-researched, urgent, usually without a happy ending.

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