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I always believed that your next big thing is not yet here. Whatever you’re doing right now is not the next big thing…Everything changes once you take action.

Today on the show I’m speaking with the meticulous Sharath Kuruganty (@5arath). Sharath designs no-code apps and landing pages under the empathetic yet watchful eye of the public. He’s also the Product Evangelist at Draftbit — a no-code developing tool that puts the powers of app creation in the palm of anybody’s hand, no matter their level of technical knowledge.

Sharath is also building, a tool that collects and organizes all the words of praise you receive on Twitter for the projects you’re building — currently in beta with a waitlist of nearly 350 people eagerly waiting for its release.

As if you didn’t think Sharath was prolific enough, here’s the rest of his current portfolio:

Tools for Makers, The Angel Philosopher (which was on Naval Ravikant’s Twitter bio at one point), Request for Product, Really Good Questions, One Dial, The Beyond Coffee Book Landing Page, The Below The Line Podcast Landing Page, and the Work From Home Manual

Though I’m no developer and Sharath isn’t hosting a podcast (yet), him and I have something in common: a love of making stuff — a love of helping other people make stuff. And that’s exactly why I’m excited to speak with him today.

This is a wide-ranging conversation that waxes philosophical about:

  • Meditation (my favorite rabbit hole), the different kinds of meditation, and why meditation it makes us more productive.
  • Thoughts on wealth and having enough of it.
  • How can we come up with our own definition of happiness?
  • What makes for good product design?
  • Detaching from outcomes
  • How did Sharath use journaling about his current job to land the exact job he was looking for? (…And my continued skepticism yet belief in the strange benefit of visualizing what you want your life to be like.)
  • Goal-setting.
  • …and loads more.

So, please enjoy my conversation with Sharath Kuruganty!
Cheers, and here’s to your good health this week.

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