Cam Houser: Cloning Yourself with Video, Being Human on Camera, Creating Scalable Content, and Face-Melting Cocktails (#25)

Your craft gets better when you start to find joy in the process.

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Cam Houser (@cahouser) is the founder of Actionworks and 3daystartup, and professor at UT Austin where he teaches a course called Creative Entrepreneurship. He’s also the writer of a weekly newsletter called “Learn from Rulebreakers,” where he shares, “atypical stories of creativity, entrepreneurship, and the ups and downs of Actionworks” (and the misadventures of infusing tequila with insanely hot peppers). He’s teaching entrepreneurs and content creators how to get comfortable on camera, avoid zoom meeting awkwardness, and make the process of creating videos as simple as ordering an iced vanilla latte.

Cam Houser is a modern-day wizard. He’s redefining what it means to put up a video on YouTube that garners less than 10 views and a creepy comment about

I love my fans

If this has ever happened to you, don’t feel bad. According to Cam, you’re on the right path. As you’ll learn from our conversation, the point of recording videos isn’t to become the next YouTube Influencer star (unless that’s really what you’re after). The point is to show your potential hires, clients, and audience that you’re the right person for the job. That you’re clear about what changes you want to make. That you’ve got the real skills to do the kind of work that only you can do.

If you enjoy my conversations about content creation with Chris Jordan, then you’re in for treat. Cam I go deep into..

  • Why does video content matter?
  • Why do we stiffen up on camera?
  • How can we make Zoom meetings suck less?
  • Why I’m studying psychology
  • Habanero infused cocktails (being the masochist I am, would love to melt my face off with these)
  • The key to making good content
  • And, as always, loads more…

So, please enjoy my conversation with the brilliant Cam Houser!

Some links and mentions from the episode

Nate Kadlac: KonMari your creative life

The War on Business Books: The Wisdom of Crowds

Nardwuar: The Interview God

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