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Have you seen the trailer?

An introduction for those who haven’t listened to episode 18 of the podcast:
Greg Frontiero (@sfwgreg) is a pornstar the founder of Noowave – a company that creates products for optimal mental health and function. Oh yeah, he’s also a pro wrestler.

Mr. Frontiero is a beast. And not just because he has arms bigger than my head. In the span of something like 4 months he’s launched a company – a movement, really – that’s taking the Internet by storm. Noowave is Greg’s way of helping creative people make a living doing the one thing they love: being creative. Every time I talk to this guy I get the sense that he genuinely cares about seeing people pursue their highest ambitions. He’s helping creatives out with his unparalleled commitment, energy, trust, and heartfelt care.

Noowave is going to be a household name among creative writers, podcasters, bloggers, content creators, newsletter fanatics, Notion nerds, note-taking ne’er-do-wells, painters, poets, screenwriters – anyone who makes the world a better place with their hands and brains. And if you’re listening to this podcast, that means you! Yeah, you. I see you. You’re reading this now and thinking, “who, me? You mean I can make the world a better place with my goofy paintings?” Yes! Yes, of course you can. You can and you will. If you don’t, Greg and I will come down to your house uninvited, and we won’t leave until you start making more of those brilliant paintings of yours.

Anyways, this episode’s going to be a little different from my last encounter with Greg. First, it’s not going to be 2 1/2 hours long like last time (though it very well could have). Second, I’ll be tasting Noowave’s first product – Flow State Coffee – for the first time LIVE in front of him. It’s a moment that I’ve been anticipating for weeks. But if this episode shares anything in common with our last talk it’s that it’s highly caffeinated (by L-Theanine, to be precise), heavy on the cursing (wear headphones), and more fun than an upside down caramel macchiato.

Fans of my episode with Greg Frontiero are in for a treat. We cover:

  • My first tasting of Flow State Coffee
  • Horrible pro wrestling injuries
  • More stories of Greg’s life as a pro wrestler
  • What it’s like to launch a business during a pandemic and heated political season
  • Geeking out about stuff you love
  • Some Hot Takes on The Social Dilemma
  • How to use social media the right way
  • and oodles more

So please enjoy my second round in the ring with Greg Frontiero!

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