The buzz of an opinion

Everybody has something to say about something.

A popular morning routine is to wake up, check the news, have an opinion, and finally to wish someone were around to hear our opinion about whatever’s on the news.

So why not write the opinion down?

Once you start writing it down, you come to a question: is this an opinion, or a reaction? Is it me that feels this way, or is it my history of knee-jerk reactions to these words, images, and stories? Do I know what I’m talking about, or am I a babbling idiot?

Shouting our reactions to stories we’d rather not hear gives us a buzz as strong as caffeine. And like an extra shot of espresso, an audience for our reactions makes us feel alive, energized, and, especially, validated.

If it’s worth the trouble of writing down, it’s worth the trouble of reading.

But if you still feel the buzz of an opinion, you’re not writing. You’re shouting.

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