Self-improvement advice in three words: do difficult stuff.

By learning a language, you’re also learning discipline (showing up), humility (I don’t know this), and sacrifice (I could be watching Netflix). It takes a lot of saying no to anything that isn’t studying, and a lot of feeling stupid because learning a language is like…learning a language. Learning a language is hard. That’s why it’s rewarding.

But what about easy stuff? Stuff that comes naturally to us? Stuff we have a knack for? Is easy stuff unrewarding? Unfulfilling? Should we only do hard stuff?

No, we shouldn’t. We can apply the meta-skills (discipline) needed for doing hard stuff to easy stuff.

  1. Pick something that comes easy to you. Something you could do in your sleep.
  2. Do that thing. A lot. (Translation: apply discipline.)

By doing it a lot, you’ll end up doing it better.

And once you start doing it better, people will notice. People will notice, and they’ll wonder how you make it look easy. But what they see on the surface is your talent. What they don’t see – what they couldn’t have seen – are the thousands of hours you spent showing up to practice.

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