The wandering vagabond, the lone samurai, the traveling swordsman — those are myths. Legends. Fairytales.

We’re not wandering vagabonds, equipped with nothing but a rucksack of supplies. But it’s fun to pretend we are (I do it all the time). It’s fun to pretend that we’re one of the last freelancers in these parts, going where the wind takes us. It’s fun to pretend we work alone, we don’t need any help.

But we do need help. Help from friends, family members, passing strangers. Help from other voices, critiques, suggestions. Without the help of others, we trap ourselves in arrogance and oversight.

My buddy Rich told me that we’re always taking people with us. We’re always carrying with us lessons from friends, peers, family members, even passing strangers we meet in our travels. We’re always filling our rucksacks with memories of those that came before us and those that are here with us today.

I wouldn’t be writing this if it weren’t for your help. Thank you.

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