I think people can get a bit too, kind of, serious sometimes. You know ‘this note is so important’…Have some fun, it’s fine, you know, don’t worry about it. Don’t get too stressed.

Andy Jenkinson

I love when musicians know they’re not as important as The Geneva Convention.

Why are we always told art needs to come from pain? That musicians must treat each chord as their magnum opus, the culmination of suffering that comes from a lifetime of indentured servitude to the muse of tortured creativity? Must we sob instead of dance?

Andy Jenkinson, aka Ceephax Acid Crew, is one of the most slapdash musicians out of the UK. For more than 20 years, he’s crafted everything in his world himself. From tunes to outfits – it’s all him. It’s all Andy.

You reach peak authenticity when your art reflects your personality. Ceephax is living proof.

He uses old synths because he loves to. He collects jumpers because he loves to. He makes music because he loves to. He loves his craft more than you love yours, and that’s why I love him. We must not sob when we listen to Ceephax. No. We must dance.

This 10 minute interview with Mr. Jenkinson is a goldmine of advice for creative people. (Also includes a shot of him throwing a synthesizer into a basketball hoop. There’s a metaphor somewhere.)

“If you do everything yourself, it just makes everything pure”

Want more Andy? Yeah, I bet you do.

Here’s a tune played live from his studio.

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