Are you swamped, or swimming?

Too busy to read it yourself? I got you.

Yes, we get busy. Yes, it feels as if we’re up to our necks in paperwork, with nothing on the horizon but deadlines. Yes, we take on too much for one person to handle. We wouldn’t wish all these deadlines on our worst enemy. And yet we take them on ourselves.

We litter our horizon with deadlines and due dates. We sign up for courses. We take on projects, assignments, tasks. We even have the audacity to start projects on the side, to start our own blogs, podcasts, newsletters. And so we tell ourselves and others, “I’m swamped with work.” As if it’s an accident. As if we’re trapped in a pool of mud, with no rope to grab onto.

We can reframe this.

Instead, we can choose to swim. We can choose to see these projects as opportunities that lead to better projects, which lead to better projects, and so on. We can be grateful that this project, however meticulous and banal, can lead to something better. We can be grateful that this online course will transform how we show up in the world. And we can keep using our creativity as an endless supply of connection.

“I’m swimming with work” means you’re glad – proud – to be working on this.
(Unless, of course, you hate swimming.)

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