The prototypes of your dreams

You wanted to create something, but you had no idea what or how or why.

And then something inside you lit up like a bonfire.

You started recording, writing, designing, hiring. Working.

What was once a flash of insight turned into something tangible. People noticed. And you were even congratulated for your effort.

But then you hit a wall. Today’s numbers were the same as yesterday’s. What gives? Where did your momentum go? “There must be something fundamentally wrong about my approach,” you say. Distraught, you tear it down, scrap it, and fill up your trash bin with the prototypes of your dreams.

Finally, you start over from square one. A clean white board. A blank canvas. A fresh start.

There’s a simple alternative.

As my buddy Greg points out, overnight successes take a very long time. Resist the temptation to start over from square one. Instead, lay down the next brick. And the brick after that, and the brick after that…

One response to “The prototypes of your dreams”

  1. Totally apt and motivating in today’s world

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