Contrary to what I wrote yesterday, it’s good to make time for empty space.

We can pause to ask ourselves:

What am I thinking about?

What am I seeing?

What am I feeling? Why?

What am I worried about? Is it healthy to worry about this?

Which goals have I been stuffing into my closet like dirty laundry? And what can I do about that?

Don’t let those ideas escape through the backdoor. Don’t let the demands of the day distract you from what you really want to create. Take time to store these ideas somewhere. Not in a place where you’ll never see them. But somewhere close at hand. And when the time is right, you can get started on that crazy, ridiculous idea.

When we schedule time for nothing, we remember The Big Someday. We remember the trip to South Africa we said we’d take…someday. We remember the podcast we said we’d start…someday. We remember the dreams of the life we want…if only we were more (fill in the blank). If only we had more (pick currency). If only we weren’t so (lazy/dumb/unattractive/uninspired).

When we create time for empty space, that’s when we see what we truly want.

Otherwise, we’re blind. Otherwise, we continue to do what other people want us to do.

Otherwise, we’re caught up in a whirlwind of attention-sapping notifications.

And worst of all, we keep chasing goals. The wrong goals. Goals that aren’t ours. Goals that somebody else set for us.

And that’s no good. What’s the point of having dreams if you’re never going to take time to fulfill them?

You carve out 8 hours a night to dream while you sleep. Why not carve out a few hours to that makes you think, “I must be dreaming.”

*The One Big Something is that big goal you have that you keep pushing to the side.
More on that in a future post.

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