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Today I’m joined by hardware engineer and comedy writer Kevin Rapp. Kevin writes a weekly newsletter about nothing, aptly titled the “Full of Krapp newsletter.” I’m subscribed to dozens of newsletters. Kevin’s is by far one of my favorites. It’s part hysterical part informative take on the ridiculousness of modern life. Highly recommended.

We cover:

  • Comedy, what it is and why it matters
  • Kevin’s favorite comedians (and some of mine)
  • The outrageousness of outrage culture
  • People who get compared to Hitler who shouldn’t be compared to Hitler
  • Writing advice
  • Glue, horses, and how they’re (not) related
  • Criticism and how nobody avoids it (even Viktor Frankl)
  • The draconian California lockdown curfew
  • And loads more.

Please enjoy!

Listen on Spotify | Listen on iTunes | Watch on YouTube | Trailer

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