Who’s driving?

We rarely ask.

We like to think it’s us. We like to think we’re the one’s behind the wheel, that we know exactly where to go and how to get there. But that’s rarely the case.

Sitting your ass in the front seat of your life is too much responsibility. Too much pressure. Too much jurisdiction. Better to take the backseat. Better to roll down the window, sit back, and let somebody else take you to where you’re going (and to act as if they know where that is).

We call ourselves trustworthy. We know our own standards, or so we’d like to admit. “I’m a good judge of character,” we say. We know people. We know when we’re players in someone else’s game. We’re street smart. We’re sly, sleek, cool as a cucumber. Why doubt? Why the skepticism? Why so suspect? Why the judgement? Relax. Let them drive. They know where they’re going.

It’s an empathetic strategy.

A bad one.

Some people want to hurt you. Some people play off how trustworthy you are. Untrustworthy people, should you (foolishly) let their ass sit in the front seat of your life, will end up driving you off a cliff. They’re going down. And they’re taking you with them.

Without skepticism, we’re stupid. Trusting everybody all the time because we all share a common human experience is like trusting all oranges to be good for us no matter how un-orange some oranges are.

Before you head out, ask who’s driving.

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