Because writing is hard. (Who starts a sentence with because?)

Writing is hard not because (am I using that word too much?) typing is hard, or because words are hard. Writing is hard because thinking is hard.

We like to think we think. But we don’t. We feel.

Want proof?

I’m sure you’ve heard hundreds of people say, “I feel.”

I feel, you feel, we feel. When we say, “I think,” what we mean is, “I feel.”

We’re always feeling around, touching stuff – with our brains, apparently. We rarely think. And thank God for that, because if we thinked all day we’d never get anything done. We’d just be sitting, thinking, thinking and pondering and wandering around inside ourselves. Nothing would get done. And we would die. And that would be bad.

Feeling is easy. Like I said before, everyone does it. We do it so much that we take it for granted.

Writing can be like feeling. If we practice enough. If we’re patient enough. If we’re ready.

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