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“You always have to cultivate those skills, right? You always have to put in the time and learn. I wasn’t formally trained. I’m self-taught.”
-Nate Kadlac

Nate Kadlac (@kadlac) is a designer and writer based in Los Angeles California. Nate started with humble beginnings photoshopping unfortunate exes from photos. Now he’s designing apps for real estate agencies, and websites for commercial and personal use. He’s well-versed in typeface, UI, UX, brand identity, video, photography, and illustration. Seriously, this guy can do everything and anything under the sun of design. (Side-note: I’ve consulted Nate about the design of my blog. His advice? Think about what you want your visitors to do.)

Every week, Nate writes Plan Your Next, a weekly newsletter where he shares thoughtful tips on creativity, life, and design.

He also co-hosts a podcast called It’s Gotta Be The Mic, featuring, “conversations on writing, knowledge management, startups, and design.”

This ended up being one of the most enjoyable conversations I’ve had on the show so far. I had so much fun hearing Nate talk about how designers learn how people think by observing their (erroneous) interactions with an app.

This conversation, as wide-ranging as you’d expect, explores movies, music, Nate’s inspirations, typeface, the craft of design, freelancing, creativity, and (of course) so much more.

Please enjoy!

Listen on Spotify | Listen on Apple | Watch on YouTube | Trailer

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