I don’t like writing about Social Media. But Twitter is so lifechanging that it’s worth talking about one last time. In this post I’ll teach you how to get the most out of the Internet’s best Social Media platform.

To start, here’s the best tweet I’ve read all week.

Not only is this a strategy, it’s an instinct. We don’t always mean to do it, but yet we do. And we measure based on other metrics like, title, status, income, race, gender, hair color, size, shape…

We usually play Twitter under this one rule: whoever has the most followers wins. But that’s a stupid rule. That means whoever has the lowest number loses. Whoever has the lowest number must be sitting at the losers table, hanging out with all the other losers who only have 58 followers. 58 followers? Really? That’s it? That’s all you could muster? Gee, you really need to get your act together. Why can’t you be more like Martha? Martha has 596 followers. She’s almost at 600 followers, by Jove, can you believe that?

What if we just invented better rules?

We can do that, right?

Yeah. We can. Because Twitter is a platform that allows its users to create new rules. Better rules. Rules that lead to new relationships, opportunities, jobs, clients, projects, apprenticeships, mentors.

I’ve done it myself. I’ve used Twitter to land paid gigs. It’s helped me find some of the most amazing guests for my podcast. I’ve formed new friendships through Twitter, friendships with the most generous, wise, openminded people I’ve ever met. And it’s helped me discover some of my favorite newsletters, books, and blogs.

Here’s how.

3 simple rules to a better Twitter experience

  1. Find interesting/smart/ambitious/openminded people.
  2. Write to those interesting/smart/ambitious/openminded people.
  3. Build relationships with those interesting/smart/ambitious/openminded people.

That’s it.

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