I drank two shots of espresso this morning. Two shots of espresso, two posts.

Sidequest Sunday

Two kinds of quests make up the grand adventure of life.

The main quest, and the side quest.

The main quest is your primary goal. Your priority. The main quest is the reason for embarking on this adventure. Find the sword in the lost woods, buy the shield from the general store, slay the monsters, get the glowing, magical stones, rescue Princess Zelda, and save Hyrule from tyranny.

The sidequest is a divergence, a distraction. The sidequest is inconsequential. Or so it seems.

If we’re not slaying dragons and rescuing princesses, what’s the point? Why bother helping a humble wizard find his lost runes? We’ve monsters to smite and princesses to emancipate. Sorry old man, you’ll have to find your runes all on your own. Or perhaps I could call up Dave. Dave’s not got much of a grand adventure going for him, I’m sure he’d love to help you.

Sidequests seem inconsequential.

They’re not.

When we embark on a sidequest, we explore the world we’re risking our lives to save. And through our exploring, we discover the world in all its quiet, humble beauty.

Sidequests bring significance to the world we’re saving. Sidequests drop us in the world. Sidequests teach us that in saving the world, we’re rescuing ourselves.

A sidequest Sunday is a day ruled by chance encounters. Unshackled from to-do lists and schedules, you’re free to allow all possibilities unfold before you. Take a hike. Walk around. Say hello to strangers. Close your laptop. Toss your phone into a river. Uninstall Firefox and Outlook and WeChat. Help that old wizard find his lost runes. Explore. Search. Wander.

I’ll let Cullin take it from here. I highly recommend subscribing to his newsletter. It’s one of my favorites. And if you want, here’s a conversation we had in episode 2 of my podcast.

Hearing from you

I love hearing from you. Who are you? What magic do you want to bring to the world? What are your goals? What kind of creative work do you want to do? Do you enjoy these posts? No? Why not? What are your favorite books? Where are you from? Do you write? Draw? Paint? Teach? Lecture?

Drop a comment in this post. Seeing a comment from a real human being always lights up my day like fireworks in July. Knowing that real people are dedicating their limited time to reading my posts is something I should never take for granted.

As always,

Cheers, and here’s to your good health.

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