How to create something from nothing

No fancy studio? No cash? No team? Nameless nobody?


You’re ready to make magic.

You can create a better tomorrow by starting where you are today.

Humility. Drive. Curiosity. An open mind. A keyboard. A pen and some paper. The willingness to trust in yourself. The belief that your perspective, your opinions and weird talents are worth the investment.

That’s all you need to start creating.

Pay yourself forward with belief. The biggest hurdle to creating anything is first believing that it’s worth the effort. Invest in your interests. Thicken your skin. Keep showing up to change our lives. The world benefits from your existence, and you’re doing a disservice by keeping yourself all to yourself.

After more than 400 daily posts and 30 episodes of the show, I can tell you that creating something from nothing is not only possible, it’s stupidly fun. And it’s worth the effort. Always.

One of the best ways to overcome writer’s block is to write about something you need to hear.

This post is a message I need to hear. Everyday. Because everyday I think about quitting.

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