Re:iterations — a few short lessons from making my podcast cover designs

Here’s the evolution of my podcast logo.

First, this.

Then, this.

Next, this.

Now, this.

Some short lessons from doing it myself:

  1. Reiteration leads to confidence.
    By removing the unnecessary bits, you leave space for your personality.
  2. Basic is better.
    Most fonts look terrible. Think of it this way: everyone else wastes time looking for the perfect font, and you spend 3 seconds selecting Sans Whatever. Remember the Avatar poster fiasco?
  3. Technique > fancy
    Fancy is futile. Anyone with enough money can slap a fancy effect on a design or video. Technique shows attention to detail. A love of technique means a love of the craft. For example, Matt D’Avella. 3 million subscribers. Few fancy effects. All technique.

Reiterate. Reiterate. Reiterate.

Big thanks to LLA for sketching my head.

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