Here’s the evolution of my podcast logo.

First, this.

Then, this.

Next, this.

Now, this.

Some short lessons from doing it myself:

  1. Reiteration leads to confidence.
    By removing the unnecessary bits, you leave space for your personality.
  2. Basic is better.
    Most fonts look terrible. Think of it this way: everyone else wastes time looking for the perfect font, and you spend 3 seconds selecting Sans Whatever. Remember the Avatar poster fiasco?
  3. Technique > fancy
    Fancy is futile. Anyone with enough money can slap a fancy effect on a design or video. Technique shows attention to detail. A love of technique means a love of the craft. For example, Matt D’Avella. 3 million subscribers. Few fancy effects. All technique.

Reiterate. Reiterate. Reiterate.

Big thanks to LLA for sketching my head.

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