The best gifts keep on giving. And giving. And giving. Long after mountains of wrapping paper meet old bottles of eggnog, these gifts give and give, day after day.

Here’s 16* of some of my favorite gifts. These creators show up everyday to make the world better. Using their skills, vision, and restless creativity, these people pave the way forward, lead us through the dark, and brighten the path. My world wouldn’t be the same without them.

Shelby Smith

For courage.

Cullin McGrath

For serenity.

Greg Frontiero

For focus (and a little mayhem).

Robbie Crabtree

For opportunity.

Andrew Barry

For curiosity.

Jen Vermet

For preserverence.

Rich Hebron

For openness.

Pranav Mutatkar

For the Lego Friedrich Nietzsche (if I was home I’d take a picture).

Jamie Russo

For kindness.

Nathan Rogers

For always being the first.

Chris Jordan

For possibility.

Nate Kadlac

For clarity.

Deepu Asok

For joy.

Salman Ansari

For smiles.

April and Raz

For support during the early days.

And you. There’s more blogs and podcasts than atoms in the universe. And yet you chose mine.

Thanks for the gifts. Happy holidays.

*Arbitrary. First number I thought of.

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