In addition to asking myself ‘what do I have to lose,’ it was like, well, what might go right?

Kyle Bowe

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Despite blacking out while speaking to a class at San Diego State University, Kyle Bowe (@KyleBowe4) became an assistant public speaking teacher and course manager of Performative Speaking cohort 1.

Kyle also holds an M.A in communication from the aforementioned SDSU.

In this conversation we cover:

  • Going back in time, Kyle shares the story of how he found the courage, resolve, and self-awareness to leave his unfulfilling life behind to pursue what he calls, “Pure Possibility.”
  • How Kyle used Twitter to become the course manager for Performative Speaking cohort 1
  • What’s Kyle’s advice for overcoming the fear of public speaking? (Kyle was TERRIFIED of it, and still became an assistant teacher at one of California’s best colleges)
  • Is David Goggins too intense for mortal men?
  • How to find the silver linings in all scary decisions
  • The two books that changed Kyle’s mind about capitalism
  • A tiny book about systems thinking
  • What philosophy books changed Kyle’s perspective on himself and the world?
  • What’s the best book I’ve ever read?
  • Should we drink water?

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