Rockets: A Year of Posts

If you hear a voice within you say ‘you cannot paint,’ then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced.

Van Gogh

Tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of my daily blog. I knew I’d make it this far, but I didn’t think I’d come out alive.

But I’m still alive. I’m still writing.
And I’m only a little less terrified of showing up to serve you.

Writing a blog a day is the best decision that I make. It is the most spooky, gut-churning, I Want My Mommy thing that I do. I Want My Mommy because it’s a commitment. And commitments offer no place to hide.

There’s a billion blogs, but very few commitments.

We can take that statement and apply it to any medium.

A billion podcasts. Few commitments.

A billion newsletters. Few commitments.

A billion books. A billion workshops. A billion Chrome extensions.

The world does not lack good ideas. Everyone has at least one or two good ideas. Everyone has ideas that would launch them into a new life, a life bigger and better than any life imaginable — ideas that would launch them to the moon!

Ideas are like rocket fuel. But you can’t send a rocket to the moon without a launchpad. And you certainly can’t launch a rocket to the moon without brave, responsible individuals willing to take a risk, willing to bear criticism, willing to fall flat on their face.

Choosing to write in public everyday means choosing to fall flat on your face. Again and again.

But eventually, you will get used to the bruises.

If you’re new here, here’s some posts that people seem to like.

Making stuff is easy.

I’m setting the bar really, really low this year.

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