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One of the most magical aspects of starting a blog is that you’re able to write about whatever you want to write about. For some of your audience members though, this is problematic. Audience member A liked what you wrote about yesterday, not what you wrote about today. Audience member B liked what you wrote about today, but didn’t care for what you wrote about the day before. (What you wrote about yesterday was garbage doo-doo caca.)

Seth Godin maintains that creators should know what change we seek to make, and for whom that change is for. This maxim applies to choices available to that ‘whom.’ As an audience member, you always have the choice to skip today’s post. If you’re not a fan of this week’s podcast guest, catch up on the backlog, or listen to a different podcast.

Have you ever been to a restaurant with a seasonal menu? That’s exactly what a blog is.
Blueberry pancakes in May, Raspberry pancakes in July.

Variety is not a limitation. It’s a genre.

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