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…then I won’t have time to make it good.

If you’re making something everyday, yeah, it won’t be as good as if you dedicated a year of your life to perfecting it. Stanley Kubrick never made a movie in a day. Nobody can whip up a storyboard on Sunday and turn it into a masterpiece on Monday (if you’re the exception, please let me know.)

The point of making something everyday is to fix your posture. We hear of athletes who train everyday, professors who write everyday, chefs who cook everyday…but what about creators? We’re too busy floundering around waiting for divine inspiration. We go to sleep hoping we’ll dream about our next Big Idea. Luck is our discipline.

Making something everyday means getting your form right. Stretching. Correcting your posture. It means avoiding injury. Athletes train carefully to avoid injury. Avoid injury and you get to play tomorrow. Creators should do the same. Avoid injury and you get to create. Over and over and over
like a monkey with a miniature cymbal.

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