“I could be creative.”

Getting warmer.

“I was creative before, but…”


“I am creative.”

Yes! Bingo! You’re on fire.

Yes, you’re creative. Of course you’re creative.

I’m always amazed to see creators put forth their work, and yet they believe that their impact isn’t enough. Daily drawings of animals and nightly blog posts about sound design are considered smalltime compared to trailblazers and household names in the creator community.

Truth us, even something as small as a 60 word blog post can change somebody’s life. My buddy Chris Jordan wrote a short article that inspired me to do something I’ve never done before: launch an online course. His article was only one word shy of the 350 word mark. 349 words – that’s it! That’s all it took for me to see, sit, and persist.




And give.

This is what our creativity is for.

OF COURSE YOU’RE CREATIVE launched yesterday on Gumroad. Within the first 14 hours, 46 generous creators signed up to learn how to see ideas everywhere and make an impact everyday. There’s videos and illustrations to go along with the ~15,800 word ‘book’ that this course ended up becoming. I’ve never launched anything like this before so I’ll be reiterating and improving it as I go. Consider this the alpha release!

Note: If money’s hard for you right now, DM me on Twitter and I’ll see what I can do for you. Wherever you are, whatever you’re starting with, I know you have it in you to make something magical with all that makes you, you.

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