Shipping your product. Scary.

Knowing that people are using your product. Scary.

Knowing that they’re talking about your product. Scary.

Working on it, alone, without any clue if it’s good. Scary.

Putting a price on it. Scary.

Raising the price. Scary.

Worrying that you’re losing money because you might be pricing it too low. Scary.

Worrying that you’re stealing people’s hard earned cash because you might be pricing it too high. Scary.

The scariest of all?

Deciding not to. Backing down. Hiding. Letting somebody else do it. Stalling. Procrastinating your dreams away. Waiting until it’s perfect. Relying on a good mood. Sitting idle until somebody gives you a handout.

Everything you do as a creator is scary so you might as well get used to it now. Your fear will never just ‘go away.’ But what you can do is accept that every part of the process is both terrifying and exciting, simultaneously. This is part of the deal, though. You signed up for this rollercoaster of emotions when you decided to make something that has every possibility of blowing up in your face. Adjust to this. Accept this. Move forward with your work. Create something special despite all the voices in your head. More importantly, create something special to delight. Not to defend yourself, not to prove anybody or any system wrong. Create something, because, at the end of the day, when we’re being totally honest, simply because you can.

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