Will this work?

No clue.

Can we work our best self into it?


Hey we’re here is much different than Hey we’re doing this.

Hey, we’re doing this means something’s happening. We’re moving pieces. We’re building tension. We’re gathering around a shared goal and we’d love to have you join us.

Hey, we’re here means we’ve taken a stance. We’ve decided that enough is enough. Okay, great. Now what?

Yesterday, I took a stance. I launched a course on podcasting. There’s a million podcasts and a million resources to learn podcasting. I said that there aren’t enough good podcasts. I said that this course will help you push to episode 100.

I said Hey, we’re here.

Okay. Great. Now what?

Well, we’re doing this. OF COURSE YOU’RE CREATIVE: LIVE Cohort 1 begins February 12th. It’s a course for podcasters who want to go from episode 0 to episode 100. Students will learn how to start a podcast (the easy stuff) and how to sustain it to episode 100 (the scary stuff).

It’s quick: 5 weeks long.

It’s communal: you get access to The Cusp – a community of energetic makers at the vanguard of the creator economy.

It’s awkward: you’ll break ice and talk to people you’ve never met. Fun, right?

Learning to podcast is like learning how to read again. And like a book, podcasting has the power to connect you to the outside world from the comfort of your bedroom.

Enrollment costs $450. Click here to learn more about the course.

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