Fun to play with but not to eat.

Artists work with constraints. Boundaries and limitations give artists a challenge. You can’t draw 4-panel comic strips with 6 panels. Limitations tell us what something is.

The same is true of life. Artists of life work with constraints: boundaries and limitations make artists of life more courageous, tough, and resilient. The limitations of our lives tell us what our life is. Our life isn’t our neighbor’s life because our neighbor’s life has different boundaries and limitations than ours. I guess by this logic you could find the meaning of your life by looking at what you lack.

So, if you’re surrounded by a whole lot of nothing, good. This is your chance to practice being an artist of life.

Never eat up a scarcity mindset. Don’t wallow around thinking you need everything first before you get everything you want. Make do with what you have.

If art is about constraints, and if life is like art, then your lack of money/time/connections/six pack abs become the constraints that shape your life. Note that I said shape your life. Don’t let constraints define your life.

You become that which you identify with the most. Don’t define your life by what you lack. Shape your life around how you work with scarcity.

Scarcity is like playdough.

Fun to play with, but not to eat.

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