This morning I drank my coffee* outside.

Usually I like to start my day by getting right into it. I wake up, go through my workout, eat breakfast, drink coffee, and then I turn on my computer.

This morning I added an extra step: pause. I sipped my coffee while listening to birds chirping. I started thinking about all the stuff that might happen in the future. I started thinking about projects and meetings. I even thought about how I was going to write this post. (It looked a lot better in my head.)

Moments like this help me prepare for whatever might come next. Moments like this can’t increase the chance of things going the way I want, but they can help me prepare for setbacks, delays, accidents, reschedules…

When we put a lot on our plate, it helps to think about how we’re setting the table.

*Flow State Coffee + A spoonful of coconut oil.

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