The size of your dream is relative.

In your head, your dream is massive.

In the heads of others, not so much.

The size of your dream is relative to the size of the imagination in which the dream is living. Everybody else is stuck in their own heads. They don’t have room in their imagination to fit your dream. Look at it this way: your dream is 15TB, but their imagination holds only 4TB of storage. “Yeah that sounds cool” is the most people can give you because they’re preoccupied with whatever’s happening in their life. So don’t get discouraged when people don’t empathize with how excited you are about your dream.

Ambition reveals this ugly truth: few people believe in the size of your dream. Most people won’t give two shits about your big idea or how motivated you are or how hard you’re working to see this dream realized. The world will move on whether or not your dream comes true.

So, why do anything? Why dream if your dream is just a speck in the multiverse?

Because, you just might make things better for us. And though we might not realize how you’re going to make things better, we might not understand how important this dream is to you, we might be clueless as to why you’re working yourself to the bone, we’ll be glad you stuck around.

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