Smart people tell me I should read more books. So here’s four books I’ve been reading.

Modern Man In Search Of A Soul by Carl Jung – 66 pages into this. Not as ‘esoteric’ as what you find in his books like Symbols of Transformation. But it is difficult in that it references points about Freudian and Adlerian psychoanalytic theory. Jung claims in this book that the unconscious is neither good or bad, but neutral. And that we should pay attention to our conscious judgment of the unconscious. Jung’s exposition of the unconscious is very easy to grasp, as he uses visual metaphor and clear language. Highly recommended.

The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday and Stephen Hanselman – I’m reading a page every morning while I make breakfast. Well, I’m trying to. I’ve missed a few. This book is like a daily shot of espresso disguised as wisdom. Pairs well with coffee and solitude.

Human, All Too Human by Friedrich Nietzsche – Oh goodness, where do I start with this one? It’s absolutely spectacular. Nietzsche is becoming one of my favorite writers. Right up there with Huxley.

I brought this with me one day and a friend joked, “doing some light reading?” And actually, yeah. It is light reading. All Too Human is likely the most accessible book that Nietzsche wrote. The aphorisms in this book are some of the most explosive sentences I’ve ever read. Here’s one that’s particularly fierce.

Making them wait. A sure way to provoke people and to put evil thoughts into their heads is to make them wait a long time. This gives rise to immorality.


Things Are What You Make Of Them by Adam J. Kurtz – A humble and humorous instruction manual for all working creatives. The perforated pages are a plus. Genius!

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