Wrong question.

Unless you’re a printer, you can’t ‘make’ money. You can only get money. And unless you’re a criminal, you get money when you give somebody something.

So, the question becomes: how do I get money? You can ask this question in 2 ways.

  1. How can I take people’s money without giving anything valuable in return?
  2. How can I give something valuable to get the money I want?

In new age circles, the question of making money is answered with ‘you manifest it into your life.’ This is actually sort of true. Bear with me. I know you can’t ‘manifest’ money into your life. What’s manifested is the value you give to people in exchange for the money you want. And if question 2 leads to a more, say, ethical answer than question 1, then the question becomes: what value can you ‘manifest’ for people?

You really do need to ‘manifest’ your value. And if the word ‘manifest’ bothers you as it bothers me, replace it with ‘imagine’ or ‘conjure’ or ‘think’ or ‘outline’ or ‘articulate’ or ‘bounce this with you over a zoom call tomorrow at 3.’

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