You know what would be really funny? If there were just, like, a really swole nihilist. Just some dude with six pack abs, works the fuck out everyday, but also happens to believe that the world is utterly pointless. And he has, like, three daughters, and his daughters go to some expensive private school, and before sending them off to school every morning he tells them, “God is Dead,” and they say, “yes daddy!” And then he goes off to work at his non-profit organization to raise awareness about how we’re fucking up the oceans or something just incredibly virtuous and yet he believes that human progress is a cancer upon the earth.

I would love to meet a nihilist who also happens to be taking really good care of themselves and their family. But, unfortunately, that’ll never happen. If you know someone like that, please send them my way. I’d love to chat with them on my show.

Unrelated: if you’re nervous about making videos or podcasts…

…it takes many takes.

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