The luxury of walls

Some reminders for when I get caught in my own bullshit.

  1. Millions of fates worse than being judged for creating and sharing something of your own.
  2. Life has no shortage of experiences worse than being unable to satisfy the muse.
  3. Never sacrifice your interests for the sake of a trend. (Thanks to Ben for that one.) And..
  4. That you’re able to conceive of self-expression? Pure luck. You didn’t choose to be born in a first world country. But it happened. Poof. Out you came, into a society structured well enough so that the idea of self-expression finds its way to you quite easily. Why squander the opportunity? There are people who you will never meet, whose days are spent just trying to survive. That you’re banging your head against a wall trying to “come across a certain way,” well, never take for granted the fact that you have walls to bang your head against. Many people go their entire lives without the luxury of walls. Your frustration? A privilege, among many.

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